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The Drifil 



Butler University 

Founded in 1855 by 
attorney and aboli- 
tionist Ovid Butler, 
Butler University 
today occupies 20 
buildings on 290 
acres in the Butler- 
Tarkington neighbor- 
hood of Indianapolis. 
The University en- 
compasses five 
colleges and empha- 
sizes a liberal arts- 
based education. 
Faculty work closely 
with students both 
inside and outside the 
classroom as part of 
our active student 
learning approach. 

A yearbook is meant to document one year of a school's his- 
tory. But this year, we are doing things differently. Instead of 
documenting the school, this book will be capturing the moments 
of what makes Butler: the students, instead of just names, and 
dates, there are people and emotions. This book is put together 
like a magazine to help hold the memories from Butler and trea- 
sure them forever. This book is meant to show the life and Times 
of Butler University students. 



'KaCyn Smitfi 

Class of 2005 I 


" Butler is more than a school to 
me, it is a place that i can con- 
sider home. " 

2 EDrTOR's NoTz 


RoLUNS * Jennifer Womer * Kevin Simpson * Aery Perkins 
iiN MiKos * Ryan Lancastir * Macgie Lquiselle * Amy Belcher 

Layout Editor 

Journalism/Public Relations 

"Butler has taught me that I 

can meet, and surpass, all of 

my hopes and dreams." 





Top: President Fong speaks at 
the roundtable about his "White 
Papers." Photo by: Daniel 

Bottom: Michael Kaltenmark, 
Aimee Sadler, Chris Potts 
attend From Ballgame to 
Ballgame which was one of the 
many activities at Dr. Pong's 

iDr. Robert Fong takes part in Homecoming activities. Students 
lenjoyed Pong's easy-going personality and Bulldawg spirit. 
I Photos by: R. Nichols 

Buder Mres Fong as 2(f Preadem 

Butler University liired Dr. Bobby Fong as the 20^ president of 
tiie university in early June of 2001. Fong, a member of the Asso- 
ciation of American Colleges, Society for Values in Higher Educa- 
tion, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi, is a graduate of Harvard 
University with a Ph.D. from UCLA. 

Fong began his instructing career at Berea College in Berea, 
Kentucky, and his path led him to teach at Hope College, Hamilton 
College, and the University of Kentucky. Pong's accomplishments 
also include editing The Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde and 
conthbuting to such publications as Christianity and Culture in the 
Crossfire and Faculty Assessment of Student Learning. 

Fong began his presidency with goals for monetary issues, 
involvment with students and overall university performance. 

-Lindsay Martin 

6 President Bobby Fong 



Presdent Robert Fohc 

Fong Facts 

"^President Fong has an extensive 
baseball card collection. 
^He has two children. 
^He is an Aquarius. 
^Dr Fong s father was stranded in 
the US during WWII. 
^He was accepted to every univer- 
sity to which he applied. 
*ife went to Harvard University. 
"^President Fong grew up in China 
Town in Oakland, California. 
^Jackie Robinson is his baseball 




i.\% ''^J£«.\::| 





During one of his weekly forums, Dr. Bobby 
Fong visits witfi students at Starbucl<s. 

"/ would not have come to Butler 
Universit}' if I did not think we could 
[implement the White Papers], " 
Fong said. "I believe I am working 
with faculty, staff and even students 
that can implement it. " 

President Fong held weekly 
forunns with students, faculty, 
staff, and members of the 
community. Staff photo. 

Above: University President 
Bobby Fong enjoys a ride in 
the Homecoming Parade. 
Ptioto By: Brent Smith 

Left: University President 
Bobby Fong spends time 
at a Butler baseball game, 
one of his favorite Ameri- 
can pastimes. Photo By: 
Brent Smith 

President Bobby Fong 1 

The Fairbfi^ building, completed in July 2001, brought four 
dMermt, but interrelated, departments under one roof. 

During the rebuilding of tine 
iimesstone on Jordan Hall, 
som^gMBHiLthe building were 

In remote areas around,' 
(^artipus, one may find" 
serene sfiots to rel^x and 
take a^break. VhotSby: A-'; 

Fairbanks Center Dedication 

Top: Many ceremonies were part of the 

Fairbanks dedication, including musical 

tributes. Photo by: B. Smith 

Middle: The Fairbanks Center, back 

facade. Photo by: A. Belcher 

Bottom: Faculty, alumni and students 

attened the dedication of the Faribanks 

Center, the new comnunications building 

on campus. Photo by: J. Blase 

Top Right: Michael Kaltenmark speaks at 

the dedication of the Fairbanks Center. 

Photo by: B. Smith 

Right: Alumni, faculty and students enter 

the new communications building for a tour. 

Photo :y. B. Smith 




Hot Spots on Campus 

appenin ^-^^^^.^ 

Evidence of the renovation of Lilly Hall is prominent in front of Clowes 

Hall. Photo By: A. Belcher 

"Our hope is that the addition of this building will 
lead to increased enrollment, and our graduates will have 
had the practical experience they need to find jobs. Our 
tradition of training in excellence has resulted in this gift. " 
-Kwadwo Anakwa, head ofPullium School of Journalism 

Hot Spots on Campus 0*^ 


■Photos from: Associated Press ■ 



The Pentagon on the evening of September 1 1 . 
Photo from: * 

The Pentagon, September 
1 1 , 2001 . Photo from: 

WTC at the exact moment of the second plane 
crash into South Tower. Photo from: 

On the six month anniversary of the attacks, 
two blue beams of light were used to memorial- 
ize the towers. Photo from: 



Clubs ani 
Orgs: j 

BUSF, Blue 
Key and 



Pictures, PiclRs, Pictures!! 


Treasure the Tradition 

Right: Following the 
pep rally, a fire- 
works display helps 
celebrate Home- 
coming. Photo by: 
Brent Smith 

u ^ y 1 


"^■'■'^ 111 

; 1 

> .fc, »_.___^^^^^BWI 

'('Mill \ 

' ''»^ 

Top: Bailey, pet of sophomore 
cheerleader Steffanie Wright, 
show his macho attitude. He was 
voted 2001 Toughest Bulldog at 
the Homecoming Bulldog Beauty 
contest. Photo by: S. Wright 
Bottom: The Butler Marching Band 
and Flag Line perform before the 
start of the game. Photo by: B. 


Above: Number 79, the bulldog mascot cheers at 
the Homecoming game against Duquesne. Photo by: 
C. Lewis 

Left: Butler alumni bow their heads for a prayer at the 
Homecoming Alumni Luncheon. Photo by: J. Dun- 




Top: Students, alumni, 
faculty and staff gather at 
the Holcomb Observatory 
for the pep rally, kicking off 
the weekend's events. 
Photo by: B. Smith 
Above: The National 
Anthem is played during 
pre-game activities at the 
Homecoming game. Photo 
by: B. Smith 


on sale. 

Homecoming shirts went 

Tuesday: A midnight snack includ- 
ing (doughnuts and pizza) w/as 
served to those Butler students lucky 
enough to get to Atherton Union on 
time. Voting for Homecoming King 
and Queen also started today. 

Wednesday: The Kappa Kickoff 
sponsored by Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, took place today with 
Sigma Chi and Kappa Alpha Theta 
winning the tournament. There was 
also a cookout serving Jimmy John's 

Thursday: Remember the Titans 
was shown in the Reiily Room to pep 
up the students and team for 
Saturday's big game. 

Friday: At 4:00, the dedication 
ceremony for the new Fairbanks 
Center for Cummunication began. 
Students, as well as alumni from all 
over the country came to help open 
Butler's new academic building. At 
6:00, the Homecoming Parade 
started at Fairbanks, continued 
through campus, and ended at 
Holcomb Observatory. Following the 
parade was a bonfire, pep rally, and 
fireworks. Following this, Clowes 
Hall held a free concert featuring the 
band O.A.R. 

Saturday: A Butler tailgate party 
was held in the parking lot of Hinkle 
Fieldhouse fom 1 1 :00 til 1 :00. Local 
Band Dog Talk played and the Bull- 
dog Beautly contest also took place 
during the tailgate party. The Home- 
coming Game started at 1 :00 in the 
Butler Bowl. The Bulldogs played 
the Duquesne Dukes. 


Kappa Kickoff: Sigma Chi & Kappa Alpha Theta ~ Homecoming Queen & King: Amie Sadler & Michael HomtcomnHC RESULTS 
Kaltenmark ~ Butler vs. Duquesne L33-23 ~ Most Beautiful Bulldog: 



BuLLDAWG Spirit 17 


Dr. Bobby Fong 

Special Feature: 


Ball game ^^ Ball game 

Bottom: Becca Hickam, Katie Markese and Dr. Fong enjoy a 
conversation at From Ballgame to Ballgame. Photo contributed by. 
Aimee Sadler 

Right; Dr. Fong poses with the 

bat given to him by SGA. 

Photo contributed by: Aimee 


Michael Kaltenmark, 
Dr. Fong and 
Aimee Sadler at 

From Ballgame to 
Ballgame. Photo 
contributed by: 
Aimee Sadler 

Time Off 

students get crazy for 
kicks and giggles 

for lau 

For their skit of 

"Hard Knock Life (at 

Ross)" Aiplia Phi 

new members 

Jamie Pierce, 

Sarah Eversman, 

Allison Skotko, 

Mandy Ketterer, 

Erika Warren, 

Jenny Vought, 

"Jersey", Amy 

Ruhig, Kara 

Jorstad, and Jenny 

Martin surround 

"Bobby Fong", 

played by Mandy 

Ketterer P/?oto 


New members of Alpha l,; '^sys Meg Cooper, Stephanie 
Franklin, Sarah Gallagher, Aiisss Knepp, Jenny Blase, Jamie 
Sutton, Jana Cook, Lyndsey Jonrs.-in. Julie Zito, Abby Parker, 
and Lauren Boyd mimiced the infaifj! s Butler squirrels for 
Freshman Skits. Pfioto By: J. Blase 

Hampton Girls Kristen Pyzska, Jody Lancia, Stephanie Bokel, 
Kristin Roberts, Erika Warren, Kara Jorstad, Lydia Stucky, 
Amber Bontrager, Shante Thomen-Brown, Robyn Schwab, and 
Aleta Prezbylynski represented the 2002 Pledge Class of Alpha 
Phi in their sparkling blue tops, Pfioto contributed. 

Freshmen Rachel Pivarnik, Katie Sand- 
ers, Kristen Aaltonen, Stacey Truehler, 
Deirdre Connor, and Charlotte Jones 

prepare for the Lip Sync contest. Photo by: 
Sarah Schmidt 






"^ .21 .'^ A 







Photos by: Russ Nichols 

■■fc> r 


kickin' it 

(Lett): Mu Phi Epsilon 
President Shannon 
Heller donated tier old 
car to be snnastied. 
(Below): Jerad Mosbey 
takes a swing at Heller's 
demolished car. 



Photos by: Shannon Heller 

Mu Phi Epsilon smashing 









n'' jUBI 

'^^^ ^V 

\ ^^> 

^_ _m,^^ 


bLIhi ' ^ 

^-'^1. Wi^^ 

^ ^\i 





n^ ^^1 


^ ^^^Ib^ fc 


^ J 



^^^L,_ . .. *^ 



f ,_,.i^^H 


If Only 



;r>e Huck, Margaret Goatley, 
?nd Aimee Sadler at the Out- 

Left, top: Katie IVla 

Becca Hickam, Be 

standing Student Bai.^o^.. 

Right, top: Dustin Sicklinger and Karen Roper get psyched up 

before a trip to Steak 'n Shal<e, 

Right middle: Crystal Williamson Kristin Van Busum, and 

Brii:tnp.y Hartman raise money for victims of September 1 1 by 

jumping on a trampoline. 

Right, bottom: Joel Cornette, Devin . and Mike Moore get 

crazv for the camera. 

Kurt Mattocks and Jordan Beckman, 

both sophomores, enjoy their time away 
from the books by playing video games. 
Photo by: K. Simpson 

Left: Freshmen 
Sarah Durkel and 
Sara Schweikert 

sing the Butler War 
Song at the Home- 
coming game. 
Photo by: K. Rob- 

Sophomore Jason Parsley goes shopping for products to help him 
shake off a cold. Photo by: K. Simpson 

SoctulK 2r 


Top Right: Nick lUlusical, Jason 
Weatlierly and Nicl< Sproull at "Willy 
Broadleat's " in the Bahamas. Photo 
contributed by Nick Sproull. 

Above: Girls on the Campus Crusade 
spring break trip to Panama City, FL, 
pose by the pool. Photo by: A. Perkins 

^mm Brsrk '02 

Aimee Sadler, Michelle Jorgenson, 
Amanda Tracy, Kristen Kronland, 
Kristlna Brandenburg, Molly Stearns, 
Katie Markese, Katie Alexander, Becky 
Drummy pose in beautiful Soutln Padre 
Island. Photo contributed by: Aimee 

Nick Musical, Jason Weatherly, and Nick 
Sproull in the Bahamas on Spring Break. 
Photo contributed by: Nick Sproull. 

do as an*^ 



woula do... 





-7; •fyn.f -f/? ' 

Top: Senior Matt Stevenson is hard at 

worl< in the Aramark Cafe. Photo by: A. 


Bottom: Residents halls were great 

places to get in some studying and make 

money at the same time. Photo by: A. 


Right: Sophomore Brandy Fisterhold 

earns extra cash in the bookstore. Photo 

by: K. Simpson 


^^rV' /- .:■>■; >^^^^|[^^^^^ 


The bookstore offered 


opportunities for a little 


extra cash for many 


students. Photo By: R. 


Some students took 
advantage of the oppor- 
tunities for money in C- 
Club. Staff Photo. 

Senior Matt Stevenson makes extra money by working in the 
cafeteria. Photo by: A. Perkins 

Junior Eva Thompson takes advantage of free coffee and some 
extra cash at Starbucks. Photo by: K. Simpson 

Jobs 33 

A convenient barber shop is located in the basement of Atherton Union, along with C-Club, 
a computer lab, and a convenience store. Photo by: R. Lancaster 

Top Right: A 24-hour computer lab was 

located in Atherton Union. Photo by: R. 


Bottom Right: Senior Kimberly Campbell 

works in the Inwin Library. Photo by: K. 


Studeht Sbi vices 3^ 

MUCH mo] 


SGA and YMCA photos by: Russ Nichols 

Butler University Intereolle^iate YMCA 

To put Christian priiiciplcfi into practice tliroin^li pro^rajiis tliat oiluiiicc pcrso)ial ;^ro:utli and improve licaltli of spirit, mind 

and body for all. 

An Outing with the Butler YMCA 


K. Roberts 

C. Lewis 

Band & Fugune 41 

Junior Sarah 

Schmidt hangs 

out with Ivv^o 

children at the 




pecial Olympics 

5? ?v>j<:;a? Oivfwifs? 

fe'^vrtf ■».."/ •< 

ampus Crusade 

Campus Crusade 



i^VIt'-Aiy ■ 



Senior Sandy Vasmatics makes a tearful speech at the 
banquet. P/}oto contributed. 


OF fame: 

46 SruoaiT i 

'Whete'e Jmr3df h'e Ilka 
^What&^e Waldo% only a 
whola p^0(^ of ^Whare^e 
J&r&d%^^ eaye Jaokl&^ oopy 






Around Butler U. 


Around Butler U. 







% . - 





ame 1 ttne 



Dawgs nam 

Men'sSo ccer 


Final Scores 

check out the 

Plus! Women's 

wgs in actii 

The 2001 women's 

volleyball team 

Photo By: Brent 


Bump, Set, Spike 

Talent, hard work lead to a successful season 

As students on campus were 
just beginning to prepare for 
classes, the ButlerVolleyball team 
was busy practicing for the 2001 
season. This year's squad, con- 
sisting of seven returning starters 
from the 2000 squad and seven 
incoming freshmen, was led by 
head coach Sharon Clark and 
assistant coach Jen Kintzel. 

"This year, teams were con- 
cerned with our returners, but we 
also had a great group of newcomers who were contrib- 
uting at key positions for us [also]," coach Kintzel said. 
The regularseason kicked off at the annual Doubletree/ 
Butler Invitational. The team took a first place finish and 
set the tone for the rest of the season, during which the 
team ran off a streak of seven straight wins at Hinkle 
Fieldhouse. The Bulldogs finished out the year with a 
record of 1 2-1 3, and the 6-8 record earned them a fourth 
place finish in the Horizon League. 
-Lindsay Martin 

Alison Cqx 

The senior elementary education 
nnajor spent the lastfourvolleyball sea- 
sons as an outside hitter for the Bull- 
dogs. Cox's senior seasonwas high- 
lighted by performances; sueh as re- . 
cording her 1 000th career killin Batter's 
five-game victory over lUPf l.ari.Sa>2q:r. 
l<ill-20 dig performance on SeniOT3|(l'|||" 
versus IPFW. For her collegiatel(^S 
. reer, Cox recorded 316 total kills for:; 
fihe season, averaging 3.26 kills per-: 
"•garhe after playing 97 total games. "■ 

The B'l " junior elementary educa- 
tion major averaged 3.41 kills per 
game, enough to rank first on the 
team. She also ranked second among 
the Bulldogs in blocks per game and 
third on defense. Norris was named 
as a member of the 2001 DoubleTree/ 
Sutler Invitational All-Tournament 
team, in addition to being named to 
a!!-conference second team last sea- 
son Norris ended her junior season 
■'/iih 325 total kills in 97 games played. 

Top: Senior Kristi 

Kerkhoff concentrates on 

serving the ball. She 

conthbuted 85 digs for the 

year, while playing as a 

defensive specialist. 

Kerkhoff was from 

Romney, Indiana. 

Photo By Brent Smitti. 

Middle: The team huddles 

to get pepped up before a 

play. As a team, the Lady 

Bulldogs racked up a 

4054 total attacks for the 

year. Photo By Brent 


Bottom: Fresh- 
men Kamy 
Peters and ^ 
Moreau prepare 
themselves for 
the next play. 
Moreau ranked 
4th on the team 
for blocks per 
game. Peters 
averaged 2.27 
digs per game. 
Photo By: Brent 

ScOfPrarri Delaware W3-0 • Ausin Peay W o-£ • St. Louis W3-2 • N. Carolina St. W3-0 • Illinois LO-3 • Cleveland St. W3-0 • Youngstown W3-1 • Green Bay LI -3 • Milwaukee LO-3 • ILL Chicago W3-2 • Loyol 
L2-3 • Wrigtit SI LO-3 • Kentuck) L i -3 • Cleveland St. W30 • Youngstown W3-0 • Milwaukee L1 -3 • Green Bay W3-2 • lUPUl W3-2 • Loyola LO-3 v ILL Chicago L1-3 • IPFW L2-3 • Wright St. L1-: 

■ ;,-.;;'/Kflu 1 1 

Top: Junior Kyle 

dodges an 
opposing de- 
fender. A two- 
year letter winner, 
he played wide 
receiver. Photo 
By: Brent Smith. 
Middle: Senior 
Craig Kerins 
goes in for the 
tackle. He led 
the team in 
sacks. Photo By: 
Brent Smth. 
Bottom: This ball 
isn't going 
anywhere! The 
Bulldogs sand- 
wich a Dusquene 
player to stop the 
play. Photo By: 
Brent Smith. 


Bulldogs come out even to end the season 


f>Ki • • .<9H»«sj^*iate.i 

2001 Football team 
Photo Submitted By: Brent 

Butler football caused a big 
stir on campus as the team broke 
even witin 5 wins and 5 losses, a 
three win improvement over the 
2000 campaign. 

"The highlights of the season 
have obviously been the wins, 
especially the wins over the 
teams we lost to last year," coach 
Ken LaRose said. 

Since the beginning of the 
season, the emphasis was on 

improving the defense. The hard work and determination 
certainly paid off. The Bulldog defense led the team to several 
key victories; however, the offense was not to be ignored. Most 
notably was a win over Quincy University in early November. 

The offense, led by senior quarterback DeWayne Ewing, 
ended the year with 1656 passing yards, 12 touchdown 
passes, a 59.1 % passing completion percentage, and com- 
pleted 287 plays. 

The team featured ten returning starters on defense and 
eighteen seniors, so experience played an important role in the 
team's success this season. 

"These guys never gave up. They found a way to win," said 

-Lindsay Martin 

De Wayne^wlng 

Nick Ober 

The senior Biology major from Kokomo, 
I ndiana quickly became know as a record- 
breaker on the Butler campus. This sea- 
son alone, the three-year starting quar- 
terback threw for 1 656 yards. Ewing tied 
Butler's single game record by throwing 
five touchdown passes in a victory over 
Quincy. Soon after, he became the first 
player in Butler and PFL history to throw 
for more than 8,000 yards, finishing his 
four-year stint with 8,094 career passing 
yards. Ewing was chosen as Pioneer 
Football League Offensive Player of the 
Wp.p.k twice thi.q season. 

The linebacker from Cincinnati, Ohio, 
i/owed fans this year with his 
imazing skills. The senior finance 
lajor was a three-year starter, who 
it the beginning of this season was 
described as one of the top returning 
defensive starters in the Pioneer 
-ootball League. He only reinforced 
lat description as Ober ended his 
jst season at Butler with a total of 60 
jckles, one sack, and one fumble 
scovery. "He's a lough player who 
joes out there every game looking to 
contribute." said coach LaRose. 

University of St. Francis L41-20 ' Morehead State W29-27 « Duquesne L33-23 • Albion College W31-28 • Valparaiso W38-21 • SCOreCard 
Univ. of Dayton L45-7 • Univ. of San Diego W19-16 • Drake L41-39 ' Quincy Univ. L41-27 • Southern Utah Univ. L49-24 

Mat's & Wonra's Cross Gouniry 

A race to the nationals 

Running eighty to a hundred miles a week, lifting in the 
weight rooms, and staying in shape over the summer, the 
men's cross-country team was rewarded by a successful 
season. The 14 men from around the globe would perse- 
vere through the numerous invitations and conferences by 
forming a true team. Their ultimate goal of the attending 
nationals would be met. 

The early meet of the lllini Invitational led the men to a 
fourth place finish. Senior Justin Young would place first 
out of the one hundred and fifty two field. His time of 
24:05 in the 8k was a personal record. Junior Marty 
Fedmowski placed ninth and senior Richard Vint finished 

Mid-season, the men placed fifth out of the 18 teams 
participating in the Notre Dame Invite. Fedmowski, 
Young, junior Brad Bennett, sophomore Brian Dunn, and 
sophomore Philip Yoder would make up the team's "top 
five" in the competition. The team was named eighth in 
the Great Lakes Region Poll. 

A fourth straight conference title was won at the Horizon 
League Championship in Chicago. The bulldogs finished 
in a cutthroat tie with their main competitor, Loyola. 

After running in the Great Lakes Regional meet, the men 
knew it would be another close call as to whether they 
would advance or not. However, an official announcement 
was made, speculations turned out to be wrong, and six 
runners would advance to nationals. Key to the success 
were solid finishes run by Bennett, Vint, and Dunn. 

The final championship in Greenville, South Carolina, 
would close out the season with bulldog pride, as the men 
finished twenty-third out of a 31 team field. All six runners 
posted faster times than in regional meet. Young placed 
fifty-second, followed by Fedmowski, Vint, Bennett, 
Dunn, and sophomore Tim Owen. 

-Carolyn Whiteman 

Coach Joe 

imparts some of 

his infinite wisdom 

on the men's 

cross country 


Photo By 



Brad Bennet 

races to the finish 

line. Photo By 


Butler runner, 

Rich, surpases a 

runner from 

Loyola University. 

Photo By 


56 Men's ISross Gountov 

(Top): Kelly 
Puehing races 
to the finish line. 
Photo By Bill 
Amber takes to 
the finish. 
Photo By Bill 
Lyssa races 
against a runner 
from Wisconsin. 
Photo By Bill 

2002 Women's Cross 

Country Team. 

Photo By Simpson. 

2002 Mens Cross 
Country Team. Photo 
By Simpson. 

Women's Cross Counthy 37 

Men's Soccer 

Goals Saved and Accomplished 

After a somewhat rocky start, the 2001 mens soccer 
team went on to produce a record-setting season (11-9-0). 
Under direction of first-year head coach Joe Sochacki as 
captain, the team forged their way to Butler's fourth-ever 
Horizon League Championship. The team upset number- 
one seeded UW-Milwaukee in the championship game. 

Before the end of the season, the Dawgs were on a 
four-game winning streak, sitting on top of the conference 
and continuing into the NCAA Men's Soccer Champion- 
ship for the fourth time in Butler history. Even though 
Michigan State squeaked by with a 2-1 victory in the first 
round of the tournament, this year's season proved how 
tough the Bulldawgs were willing to fight. 

Coach Sochacki hoped that this year gave valuable 
experience to the team, which will be losing five seniors. 
"They will be better prepared for next time," said Sochacki. 

-Kim Huck 

Top: Fresh- 
man Andrew 
Pancio drives 
past a de- 
fender. He 
scored two out 
of his nine 
shots, giving 
him a. 222 shot 
Photo By 

Evan Mitz 

Mitz, a freshman midfielder 
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 
contributed to the team by 
pushing everyone else to play 
harder at practice. The bid 
into the NCAA tournament at 
the end of the year made him 
"very hopefiil for next 
season," and he believed that 
the team would "only get 
better from here." 

Nick Pantazi 

As a junior forward from St 
Louis, MI, Pantazi was named an 
All-Horizon League player on 
the first team. Pantazi finished 
the season as the Dawgs' leading 
scorer; he tied the school single 

I season record for goals with 19 
and points with 43. He is also 
second on Butler's record list for 
the most shots in a single season, 

j tearing up the field with 76. 
After the first round lose at the 
NCAA tournament, Pantazi was 
still excited for next season. 
"'[We hope to] turn this program 
into a nritional power like it 
deservcb 'o be." 


ScOreCard '^^"''^cky LO-2 » a. Johns LO-3 • V^Ib; 
W5-0 • UIC L1-2 • Loyola-Chicago Li- 

LO-1 • Michigan LO-2 » Detroil W3-2 ■ lUPUl LO-2 ■ W. Kentucky W5-2 « Indiana LO-3 ' Cleveland St W4-2 ■ UW Gr een Bay W3-0 • 
) • lUPUFW W7-0 • UW Milwaukee L3-2 • Wright St. W3-2 • Honzon Rnals • W-Milwaukee W2-0 • NCAA First Round-Michigan St 


Top: Senior Sarah 
Bourgraf goes up 
against an oppo- 
nent for tlie ball. 
She was a de- 
fender and had 
four goals for the 
year. Photo By 

Freshman Kristen 
Aaltonen goes in 
for a hard kick. 
Aaltonen scored 
five points during 
the season. 
Photo By Smith 
Below: The team 
gets ready for the 
game. The Lady 
Bulldogs averaged 
two goals per 
Photo By Smith 

Women's Soccer 

The women's 2001 
soccer team Photo 
by: Brent Smith 

Jaw Dropping Performance 

Sweating out an impressive 
record of 13-7, the 2001 women's 
soccer team boasts a new sclnool 
record for most wins in a season, 
surpassing the previous record of 
twelve earned in 1996 and 1997. 
Within reach, the team stood on 
the brink of the program's first 
ever NCAA tournament bid. After 
a grueling, championship game 
against UW-IVIilwaukee, the sea- 
son ended for Butler in the third-overtime defeat against 
the Panthers. Some of the pre-season goals were 
indeed accomplished, including the new record for most 
wins in a season. A well-balanced team helped place 
six players on the All-League teams. Junior Amy 
Morrison also stamped her name in the record books 
by tying former Bulldog Chris Jolinson's feat of 37 
points and 13 assists in a single season. Even with the 
painful loss of three seniors, next year's team has an 
inspiring past on which to hold. 

-Kim Huck 

Martha Gudiel 




Morrison, junior fonward 
from Piano, Texas, carried 
a leadership role along with 
the other juniors and se- 
niors. She was also named 
to the 1^'team as an All- 
Horizon League Player. 
The success of the season 
left her more motivated to 
play soccer than she ever 
before. She said, "It is fun 
when you are out on the 
field playing the game you 
love. You can't help but 
smile. That's what I love 


Gudiel is a junior forward 
from Redwood City, Cali- 
fornia. She has the team's 
second-highest shot 
percentage at .303%. 
Guidel also helped the Lady 
Dawgs by leading them in 
game-winning goals and 
helping largely with six as- 
sists for the season. 

Louislana-Lafayete W2-1 » S. Alabama W2-0 ♦ Indiana LO-1 « Illinois St. W2-1 • Loyola W4-2 ■ lUPUl W5-1 « Villanova LO-1 ■ Valpo W2-0 « Young- gcorecard 
stown W2-0 • Xavler L1-3 • Cincinnati W1-0 • lUPU Ft. Wayne W7-1 • Detroit LO-2 • UWGB W1-0 • UWM LO-1 • Purdue L1-6 • Wright St W5-4 w»owi coai u 

m miio s 

6oif 61 

Mens Baskeiball 

Team breaks records, makes school history 





Butler (26-6, 12-4 Horizon League) closed out its 
2001-02 campaign at Syracuse, N.Y., in the 
quarterfinals of thie National Invitation Tourna- 
ment, but not before compiling the finest basket- 
ball season in school history. The Bulldogs broke 
the school single season record for victories for 
the third consecutive year and became the first 
team in Butler history to record three champion- 
ships (Horizon League, Top of the World Classic, 
Hoosier Classic) in the same season. Butler had 
wins over Big Ten champ and Final Four team 
Indiana, Purdue and Ball State, when it was 
ranked #21 in the nation. The Bulldogs also 
became the first team in school history to post 
both preseason and post-season tournament 
wins. Butler is the first team in the 23-year history 
of the Horizon League to post six consecutive 20- 
win seasons. 




Washington W67-64 .: na St. W69-49 • Purdue W74-68 • Birmingham Southern W70-34 • Lipscomb W76-56 • Evansvllle W 

W68-50 • Wise. Green Bay yV64-41 • Wisconsin-Milwaukee L73-72 • Loyola W78-48 • UIC W73-82 • Wise-Milwaukee W59-58 • 


62 "'■ ' 

Above: Senior Ryan Hainje waves to his 
fans after he scores for the Bulldawgs. 
Photo from Associated Press 

Top: Bulldawg fans Tiffany Donawerth, 
Lisa Liegi, Amber Gault, Amy Zapp, and 
Courtney Slieehan show their spirit for the 
ESPN-broadcasted game. Photo by: 
Tiffany Donawerth 

The Butler men's basketball team signs 
autographs for their fans. Photo from: 
Taylor Rollins 

Thomas Jackson 

Jackson, who 
^i^^ helped lead Butler's 

I jB men's basketball 

' B team to four 

,'^^ consecutive 20-win 

^^^^^^^^ seasons and four 
^^^^^^^1 straight post-season 

^^^^^^^H appearances, was 
named a co-winner 
of Butler's Outstand- 
ing Male Athlete award. He finished 
his Butler career as the Bulldogs' all- 
time leader in both assists and 
steals, and he became the first 
player in Butler basketball history to 
record both 1 ,000 career points and 
500 career assists. He was a two- 
time all-conference performer, and 
he was named Butler's most 
valuable player this season. 

Brandon Miller 

Miller, a junior, was 
the third-leading 
scorer on Butler's 
successful men's 
basketball team. The 
New Castle, Indiana 
point guard led the 
Bulldogs in three- 
point field goals, 
finished second on 
the team in assists, had 20 double- 
figure scoring performances, and 
was named CBS "Player of the 
Game" after scoring a team-high 18 
points in Butler's opening-round win 
over #23 Wake Forest in the NCAA 

Ryan Hainje 

--^~-.„ Hainje, senioir, was 

named to the IVICC 
All-Defensive Team, 
earned a spot on 
the MCC All- 
Tournament team, 
became the first 
player since 1997- 
98 to lead Butler in 
scoring in three 
consecutive games, first Butler player 
since '97-98 to post back-to-back 20- 
point performances, led the Bulldogs 
with five 20-point efforts, finished 
second on the team in rebounding and 
field goal shooting, and ranked fiflh in 
the conference in field goal shooting, 
scored in double-figures in 16 games. 

• N. Iowa W77-65 • Mt. St. Mary's W66-46 • Ball St. W75-66 • Wright State L90-87 • Cleveland St. W62-45 • Detroit L63-54 • Youngstown St. 
/right State W72-57 • Detroit W61-48 • Cleveland St. W70-45 • Wise Green Bay W77-74 • Youngstown St. W75-50 • Loyola Chicago L60-56 

[^^^^^^■^^^^^^^■{^■I^^H^^H^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^H Mens Baskitbau 

WoMENS Basketball 



The 2002 Women's 

Basketball team. 

Photo By: J. Womer 


The Butler women's basketball team 
ended a difficult season with a 65-43 los^ 
to top-seeded UW-Green Bay on Thurs- 
day (Feb. 28) in the Horizon League 
Tournament quarterfinals. The Phoenix 
went on to defeat Detroit in the 
Tournament's finals, advancing to the 
NCAA Tournament, while Butler, seeded 
ninth in the tournament, capped off its 
campaign with a 3-26 overall record. This 
was the second consecutive year that 
Butler had been ousted by the Phoenix i 
the conference tournament. 






Tup: Plioto In/: /. Womer. Middle: P!toto /u/: /. Womer. 
Bottom: Photo by: /. Womer 

Reebok Lady Stars W. 112-81 Utah L, 77-54 Tex San Antonio L, 67-48 Indiana L, 97-72 Miami Ohic 
Milwaukee L, 79-47 Loyola L, 73-51 UIC L, 83-76 Wright State L, 77-74 Wright State (Horizon Leaj 

6-68 Bowling Green W, 78-73 (OT) Hooiser Classic L. 89-68 Youngstown St L, 75-67 Wisconsin- 
irst Round) W. 74-61 Wis.- Green Bay (Horizon League Tourn. Quarters) L, 65-43 


WoMENs Baskhbau 65 


2002 Butler La- 
crosse team. 
Photo by: J. Blase 

Photo by: J. Blase 




O'Toole had 2 

goals and an 

assist against 

the Golden 

Griffins. Photo 


oC0rGC3rCl Duke L12-4 - bany W11-9 • Lehigh W12-8 • Quinnipiac L10-7 • Providence L7-5 • Fairfield L11-7 • Canisius WIO-61 

"Wy ^ 

Photo by: J. Blase 

Photo by: J. Blase 

Notre Dame LI 2-8 • Loyola W7-6 • Air Force W13-8 • Denver L9-8 • Ohio St. L17-5 • Virginia L21-3 



Mens & Womems Swimming 

Teams take to the water 

The Butler men's and women's swimming teams 
concluded their 2001-02 season this past weekend 
(Feb. 28-Mar. 2) at the 2002 Horizon League Cham- 
pionships in Chicago. The Butler women's team 
finished in fifth place with 267 points, while the men's 
team took home a sixth-place finish with 245 points. 
Wright State won the women's competition with a 
total of 755.50 points, while UW-Green Bay took 
home the top prize on the men's side with 722 
points. Illinois-Chicago played the host for this year's 

Senior Brett Baihoff captured a pair of top ten 
finishes at the championships. The Monclova, Ohio 
product placed seventh in the 1650 Freestyle in a 
time of 16:36.48. He also placed seventh in the 400 
IM in a time of 4:10.27. 

Senior James Grimmer placed tenth in the 200 
Freestyle in a time of 1 :45.22.. .senior Melinda 
Harrald took home an eighth place finish in the 100 
Backstroke with a time of 1 :09.75.. .junior John Allan 
placed fifth in the 100 Breastroke at 59. 37... sopho- 
more Catie Scott tallied a tenth place finish in the 
100 Freestyle at 54.95, touching the wall just ahead 
of teammate Anna Pecharich.. .freshman Carlton 
Racette recorded a ninth place finish in the 200 
Butterfly with a time of 1 :58.39. 

Sophomore Erin McPeak took home Butler's top 
finish of the weekend by placing second in the 200 
Butterfly in a time of 2:09.38, giving her team 1 7 
points. Also placing in the top five of the race were 
teammates Anna Pecharich (3rd - 2:1 1 .70) and 
Jesse Levknecht (5th - 2:12.09). Levknecht also 
recorded two other top ten finishes by placing sixth in 
the 100 Butterfly (1:00.29) and eighth in the 100 
Backstroke (1:01 .32), 



Swimming 69 

70 G;«£Risf 


Left: Jessica 
Orchoski, Olivea 
Foley, Sarah 
Grosland, and April 

Abara pose for thieir 
senior picture. Photo 
by: A. Deline. 

** '^ i{ 

^ Top: 2001-2002 Butler Cfieerleadlng Squad. Photo from: 

Bottom: 2001-2002 Dance Team. Photo by: A. Deline 
Lett; Photo contributed 


I Cheerleadihg & DANCf Team 69 

Around Butler U. 

Around Butler U. 




ft^^-smmrr-r ii ViBmir 


pe jSJ 


y^ irfTii -^ ^*3k - ."S^; 


J' AV 





Around Butler U. 

.EE iNjp CBA, LAS, JCFA, College oi 
PpIarmacy, College of roucATiON 



Around Butler U. 

Around Butler U. 


■ ^tl^re^w' "iir'Tl 





, .'^ '. K.ijt'x^ .vi'':-f >v),,.'-. -"'.r^:, ■,*^i-.'.i,>£.-4w»,*-.< s*v.A«,u^,v~ :, ,, 

Around Butler U. 


Around Butler U. 


Sophomore Hilary 

Edesess, a dance major, 

rehearses for the Midwinter 

Dance Festival. Photo by: A. 


Above: Sarah Kellner worl<es steadily on the 

piano during her piano performance class. 

Photo By: A. Perkins. 

Right: Dr. Osborne reviews music notes for 

his students. Photo By: A. Perkins. 

: GoLLECE OF Fine Arts 

.Above: Juniors Nate Blume and Alex Amerman mix 
music with comedy. Photo By: J. Simpson. 
Right: Brooke Mikesell, senior, plays tenor sax for 
Butler. Photo By: J. Simpson. 

Above: Talia 

practices the 
piano. Photo by: 
A. Perkins. 

Junior Erica Koering goes over her sheet music. Photo by: K. 

Tony Majewski 

and music 

professor Eric 

Starke converse 

after class. 

Photo by: K. 



OLLEGE IF Fine Arts 

Photos Contributed. 

iQi OF Fine Arts 

-rench Horn player Shaun Carter playes vivid 
ind dramatic music during Light Up the Night, 
iponsered by Delta Gamma and Sigma Chi. 
^hoto by: Kristin Roberts 

All he wants to do is dance! Ben, a dance major, 
dances outside of Starbucks. Photo by: Sarah 

95 Jordan College of Fine Arts 

Around Butler U. 

Around Butler U. 

1^ ..,- ^ 

1 f, IK^. ^ il^^l 


fM\l '1^1 


\ ■a»^^l 



College of Pharmacy and Healh Science 
faculty wear face masks mimicing a 
collegue. Photo ty. D. Pearson 

Faculty of the College of Pharmacy competed against 
students In the PA Volleyball game. Photo by: D. 

A senior Pharmacy major 
diligently fills out perscriptions 
at Ocso. Photo by: K. 

101 CoiiEGE OF Pharmacy 


Aroond Butler U. 

P^^-i .I'm 


The 2001 Butler University Bulletin ex- 
presses the importance of the institution's 
professors to uphold the overall goals and 
expectations of the universtiy. "Butler's mis- 
sion is to provide the highest quality of 
education. ..built upon interactive dialogue 
and inquiry among faculty and students" 
(Bulletin). Butler history and statistics show a 
growth from the two professors during the 
founding in 1855 to the collaboration of 243 
current full-time instructors. The favorable 
student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1 provides 
small class sizes, which attract many Butler 

students. The Butler University Bulletin goes 
onto state the act of "recruiting and sustain- 
ing practicing scholars and professional 
dedicated to intellectual self-renewal for the 
benefit of their students" (Bulletin). Eighty- 
one percent of this school year's professors 
held the highest degree in their fields. Along 
with instructing courses, professors engage 
in research or may also hold the position of 
departmental head. Butler also employs a 
number of adjuncts from around the commu- 
nity. Adjuncts provide diversity and various 
experience to the cohort of professors. 
-Carolyn Whiteman 

Above: Professor Sorenson is an associ 

ate professor of computer science 

and software engineering. Photo By: B. 


Rigfit: Professor Leek is an associate 

professor of music. Photo By B. Smith. 

Above: Professor Vinci is a laboratory coordinator for 
tfie College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 
Photo By: B. Smith. 



Far left: Professor Murphy, 


director of Holcomb Observa- 


tory and Planetarium, also 


serves as department head 


HE>g •■ JH[ 

and associate professor of 
physics and astronomy. 



Photo By: B. Smith 

Left: Professor Buck gives stu- 
dents a lesson on sound con- 



trol. Photo By: Brent Smith 


Left: Profes- 
sor Sandin is 

lecturer in 
tions studies. 
Photo By: B. 

Who Is Your Favorite Professor? 

Hema Ramanathan 

"She is an incredible asset to 
all, especially night owls 
such as myself when she 
promptly responds to 2 a.m. 
emails from worried students 
who are preparing to 
teach the next day"- Briana 
Jury, senior Education 
major in college of Education 

Robert Padgett 

"Robert Padgett always finds time to 
help sutdents grasp the concepts in 
his classes. He makes statistics 
as fun as possible, and he doesn't 
forget the value of a good laugh." - 
Linda Heiden, junior psychology 
major in college of Liberal Arts and 

Marv Recht 

"Marv Recht has helped and 
supported so many students 
through his time at Butler. His 
"Lifetime Guarantee" is truly 
unmatched!" - Margaret Goatley, 
senior Marketing major in college 
of Business 

Professors 105 


Plus! Greek life, 
Commuters, and 
Hampton House 

Schwitzer, Ro! 
HesCo, Univer^ 






Photo by: J. Dunham 

M UtmmB 


ResCo hosted the 
Extravaganza, an 
oppotunity for 
students to battle it 
out. Photo contrib- 

The Extravaganza 
had an obstacle 
course that left 
many students 
stuck. Photo 

Left, Top: In the Spring Sports Spectacular, 
ResCo & Univ. Terrace came out on top in 
the soccer tournament. Photo by: T. 
Donawerth. Left, Middle: Alexa Costa 
studies in his room at Residential College. 
Photo by: T. Rollins 

Left, Bottom: Most students decorate their 
dorm rooms to display their personalities. 
Photo by: R. Lancaster 

Residehtuu COIUGE 

m Em 'littii 

Schwitzer Hall 

Freshmen Sarah Kellner and Karen Roper find clever ways to 
amuse themselves. The roommates came up with crazy jokes, 
sayings, and moves just to make each other, and their neighbors 
laugh. Photo by: K. Roberts 

Living in a female dorm left freshmen Sarah Durkel and Megan 
Griffith in need of some testosterone. The girls made sure to get 
out and support the mighty Bulldogs at the Homecoming game. 
Photo by: K. Roberts 

Schwitzer Hnu 111 

Meg Cooper, Jenny Blase, and Jamie Sutton celebrate 
on Bid Day 2002. Photo By J. Blase 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 


Above: Raising money was a slow process due to a 
new ordinance prohibiting collecters from standing in 
tine street to collect the money. Photo by: K. Roberts 
Left: TKE's fundraiser for their philanthropy involved 
umping on a trampoline to raise the funds. Photo by: 
K. Roberts 

113 Tau Kappa Epsilon 


J14 SiPHfl Phi 

New members Amber, Alison, and Karrle show their 
fun side at the banquet. Photo contributed. 

Sophomore Emily 

Howell and freshman 

Allison Skotko break it 

down at an all-house 

sleepover. Photo by: K. 


Delta Gamma 



Delta Gamma and Sigma Chi 
sponsered Light up the Night 
and both had candles 
decorating their front lawns. 
Photo by: K. Roberts. 

Homecoming Queen Aimee Sadler poses with her 
sisters for a picture. Photo contributed. 

To benefit their philanthropy, Delta 
Gamma set up a table where students 
could vote on the most beutiful eyes at 
Butler. Photo by: K. Roberts. 

115 Delta Gamf: 




2002 Pledge Class 

Photo by: Russ 


Above: RC Cambell and Todd So - :^araoke at Delta Tau 

Delta's Trike-a-Thon 2002. Photo by c .ewis 

Left: Erica Conn and Karen Andrews sing 
karaoke at the Pi Phi Senior Christnnas 
Party. Photo by: A. Deline 
Below: Ree Lanuoigt, Evaleen Fleck, 
Karen Andrews, and Erica Conn pose for 
a photo while sporting their letters on four- 
party night during formal recruitment. 
Photo by: A. Deline 

Beta Phi 





Above: Sisters Andrea Deline and Karen Andrews pose with new 

pledge, Miranda Eckstein, on Bid Day. Photo by: A. Deline 

Left: Andrea Deline, Cathy Guagliardo, Amy Hughes, Amy Low, 

Meghan Kane, and Jill Oehrtman show off their letters at a Phi Beta Phi 

Open Russ event. Photo by: A. Deline „ „ „ i-n 

Pi Beta Phi 11/ 

Around Butler U. 


Aroynd Butler U. 

(Above): Bid Day 2002 Photo by: M. Rigney 
(Above Right): Bid Day 2002, Kappa Kappa Gamma 
took their pledges bowling. Photo by: C. Sieger 
(Right): Meredith Rhudy, Lara Reed, Cristal 
Schnitker, Julia Schenl<, Erlcl<a Breediove, Kelly 
Ognibene, Jalene Campbell, and Alissa Beal. 
Photo by: M. Rhudy 


Phi Kappa Psi 

(Above): Phi Psi's 2002 pledge class placed 1st in 

Freshman Skits. Photo contributed. 

(Above Left): 2001 Homecoming King, Mike 

Kaltenmark. Photo contributed 

(Left); 2002 Phi Psi Pledge Class, Photo contributed 


Around Butler U. 

Around Butler U. 







^ ■ -H: , 


,— J3S(^ 




L -^ 




b /- •-,. 












in the spotlight: 
Dage 1 32 ' 

Checic out 

Pictures, Pictures, PictjuresN 


Around Butler U. 


Around Butler U. 

, ' ViV/^e-^AsL^JgtMlJt 

Class of 2002 

Kara Abel 

Katherine Alexander 

Angela Apple 

Kelly Baas 

Lindsay Babik 

Molly Baker 

William Barnhart 

Emily Beitzel 

April Blackburn 

Krista Blosser 
Amanda Bokhart 
Michelle Bolinger 

Lisa Bonnell 

Jennifer Borchardt 

Lindsay Borman 

Class of 2002 

Sarah Bourgraf 
Kristina Brandenburg 
Nicole Brouillard 

Sarah Brunnemer 
Rebecca Bucalos 
Nicholas Buonanno 

Becky Butler 
^ Mary Cali 
i| Stephanie Carowan 

Erin Casey 
Heather Castle 
Joan Coleman 

Brendan Connor 
Clay Coulter 
Kristin Craig 

Class of 2002 

Danielle Cummins 

Beverly Cutter 

Margaret Daigneau 

Courtney Daniels ^^^ 
Kara Davis '■- 
Blake Dearing 

Joy Debow W 
Theresa Depaul 
Sarah Detzel 

Janai Downs 
Jamison Dubnicek 
Christina Duran ^ 

Kristen Economan 

Curtis Edwards 

Jami Eynon 

Qass of 2002 

Emily Fay 
Christine Fox 
Theresa Frechette 

Elizabeth Freeman 
Kristen Fry 
Analisa Garrison 

Jennifer Gerike 
Kristin Granback 
Merrill Grant 

Sarah Grosland 
Christine Groves 
Kelly Hackett 

Kelli Hagan 
Sallie Hahn 
Gregory Halcomb 


lass of 2002 


Libby Harmon 

Melinda Harrald 

Jill Hauser 

Belvia Hiadari 

Amanda Hook 

Alicia Hunt 

Karen Hutchinson 5 
Katharine Janssen 
Jackie Jones 

Michael Kaltenmark 

Michelle Kasten 

Jill Klasing 

Amber Knipe 

Jill Koenen 

Amy Koetter 

Qass of 2002 

Kathryn Kreger 
Kelly Kuhn 
Shelby Labarbara 

Kara Lake 
Melissa Lanham 
Amanda Lantz 

Angela Lengerich 
Tracey Maradei 
Patrick Martin 

Julie McDill 
Erin McGraw 
Rachel Miller 

Stefani Miller 
Melissa Momper 
Meghan Morgan 

lass of 2002 

Meghan Morgan 

Lennea Mull 

Kelly Murphy 

Kathryn Newman 

Megan Newton 

Erin Nichols 

Elizabeth Oparowski 
Jessica Orchowski 
Jocelyn Orlowski 

Neil Perdue 

Michelle Peyrot 

Alexander Pittsley 

Kirsten Price 

Danielle Raab 

Elizabeth Roembke 

Class of 2002 

Nicole Rosenberger 
Susan Rueth 
Aimee Sadler 

Amy Schaer 
Catherine Schempp 
Jocelyn Schneider 

Kimberly Seimer 
Carla Showers 
Graziella Siciliano 

Eric Simmons 
Heidi Slaw 
Justin Smith 

Nicholas Sproull 
Emily Stearns 
Andrea Stehman 



lass of 2002 


Kathryn Streit 
Katherine Sullivan 
Jacqueline Sykora 

Emily Thomas W^: ^ 
Amanda Tracy 
Kristen Tribbett 

Sandy Vasmatics 

Kelly Veatch 

Jamie Wilfong 

Allison Willingmyre 
Tamera Wilson 
Allison Winters T 

Lisa Wojciechowski 

Laura Wolverton 

Kari Wosman 

Class of 2002 

- 1 


Melissa Abriani 

Ashley Acton 

Cara Addison 

Kathryn Aganad 

Lynndi Aker 

Kayla Alexander 

Aimee Allen 
Karma Allen 
Marci Allen 
Erin Allison 
Sarah Allison 
Dana Altemeyer 

Jennifer Alvey 

Tara Alvey 

Ellen Ambrosone 

Britte Anchor 

Brian Anderson 

Eve Anderson 

Julie Anderson 
Katherine Anderson 
Lucia Anderson 
Karen Andrews 
Amanda Angle 
Erin Angle 

Chris Antes 

Andra AntonelU 

Amy Armbrecht 

Rholonda Ash 

Kassie Ashcraft 

April Atherton 

Cynthia Avery 

Lindsey Bade 


Tessa Bair 

Kathryn Baker 

Jason Balazs 

Katie Banker 
Jessica Bantham 
Karen Barlo 
Jessica Barnes 
Jaclyn Barrett 
Alison Bartels 



Sara Bauer 
Elizabeth Baun 
Holly Bauser 
Sarah Beachkofsky 
Alissa Beal 
Callie Beak 

Monica Bedroya 
Anthony Beer 
Ali Beier 
Amanda Belcher 
Lindsay Belk 
Jamie Bell 

Jeffrey Bell 

Cossette Bellegarrigue 
Janice Belzowski 
Donna Bembnister 
Melody Benbow 
Jami Bennett 

Lindsey Benninger 
Melissa Benson 
Megan Bergauff 
Jessica Bevan 
Leah Birk 
Rebecca Black 

Lauren Blackburn 
Kara Blosser 
Scott Blosser 
Whitney Blueher 
Sheila Blum 
Brooke Boeglin 

Lindsey Boles 
Jaclvn Bolstetter 
Gina Bona\'entura 
Amber Bontrager 
Elizabeth Borkon 
Darcv Bo^ve 

Emily Bo\\*man 
Lauren BoN'd 
Lindse\' Bragg 
JacK'n Branham 
Whitney Bransford 
Ericha Breedlove 


Amy Blown 

Emily Brown 

KirsUTi Brownson 

Amanda Brtva 

Kelly BruL-r 

Natalie Buening 

David Bullington 

Renee Burdulis 

David Burkhardt 

Krista Burlage 

Laurel Burlage 

Kate Burii^ 

Lauren Burns 
Andrea Butler 
Jermifer Butler 
Allison Byam 
Maureen Callahan 
Angela Callander 

Megan Callison 
Paul Cambre 
Halston Campagna 
Jalene Campbell 
Jinny Campbell 
Nicole Campbell 

Sarah Campbell 
Trisha Campbell 

Crista Campos 
Kathryn Carlson 

Hailey Carmer 
Amanda Carmichael 

Randi Carpenter 

Monica Carrigan 

Katrina Carter 

Sara Casperson 

Lyndie Chaffee 

Lisa Chamberlain 

Amanda Champa 

Kerri Champiim 

Donna Chan 

Mae Chandler 

Miriah Chapman 

Jessica Chames 



Melanie Chaves 
Krista Chernausky 
Christiana Chillemi 
Aron Christian 
Lauren Cialone 
Elizabeth Cintavey 

Cara Cioni 
Beth Clayton 
Laurel Clements 
Sharon Clemons 
Alison Cline 
Sarah Cohen 

Shanae Coleman 
Cassandra Coles 
Jeffrey Colhgnon 
Lindsay Conlon 
Erica Corm 
Amber Cook 

lana Cook 
Nicole Copenhaver 
Leah Cormican 
Becky Coros 
Alexandre Costa 
Alisha Couch 

Jill Coy 
Kristen Craft 
Emily Craighead 
Terri Cramer 
Rachel Crecelius 
Jonathan Crozier 

Billi Cruse 
Whitney Daniel 
Emily Daniels 
Lindsey Daniels 
Jenna Daugherty 
Jamie Da\'is 

Margaret Davis 
Krvstal Dawson 
Lindse>- Da\- 
Rebecca Dayhuff 
Sarah Day^valt 
Laura Decker 



Kennetii Degraff 

Andrea Deline 

Megan Dexheimer 

Kimberly Discher 

Doris Dobricli 

Tiffany Donawertli 

Erin Dorato 

Martha Douglass 

Joe Doyel 

Catherine Drane 

Julia Dreher 

Aron Droege 

Rebecca Drununy 

Julie Dryden 

Jennifer Duguid 

Kayhe Duncan 

Jessica Dunham 

Sarah Durkel 

Emily Duryee 

Erin Eggert 

Ebbie Egwu 

Kristine Elkin 

Afton Ellard 

Erin Elliott 

Trent EUiott 

Robert Elstro 

Andrea End re 

Lauren Englund 

Amy Ennekini; 

Elizabeth Enrico 

Kristin Eschelbach 

Emily Estes 

Abbie Etienne 

Brandv Evans 

Sarah Eversman 

Eric Farmer 

Pamela Farrell 

Lindsay Faulkenberg 

Megan Feigenbutz 

Laura Feltz 

Nicole Feltz 

Marci Fenneman 




1 ' riiff-Y-"t"'l-|' "-^'ITW^lM 


Jessica Ferenc 
Lindsay Ferguson 
Lindsay Fessel 
Jaclyn Fetter 
Molly Figel 
Katie Fitzell 

Erin Fitzpatrick 
Evaleen Fleck 
Sara Fledderjohan 
Dawn Fleenor 
Katie Hora 
Meagan Flores 

Olivia Foli 
Jody Foster 
Christine Foulkes 
Gwyn Fox 
Kristen France 
Stephanie Franklin 

Marissa Freeman 
Nathan Freeman 
Nichole Freije 
Jennifer Frerking 
Meredith Frey 
Jennifer Frye 

Sonnet Gabbard 
Christie Galotta 
Laura Ganus 
Nicole Gar\an 
Christine Gaza 
Linda Geiger 

Hayley Gentis 
Becky Gholdson 
Stephanie Gibas 
Eric Gilliam 
Ronald Gilliam 
Rvan Gilmore 

Nicole Glosson 
Heather Gluvs 
Kelly Goebbert 
lasmine Gor\zalvo 
Kachel Good 
^iisan Gordon 



Scott Gotshall 

Glenn Gould 

Angela Graham 

Brooke Graham 

Jewel Graham 

Marissa Green 

Heather Gregory 

Karen Grimes 

Catherine GuagUardo 

Andrea Gtmden 

Amy Gunderson 

Kristy Guthrie 

Jennifer Haag 

Lisa Hackett 

Alison Hagenbach 

Meghan Haggerty 

Meredith Haley 

Addv Hall 

Levi Hall 

Adam Hammack 

Stacy Hammond 

Jenrufer Hanley 

Jess Harbison 

Markell Hardaway 

Abby Hardy 

Courtney Harland 

Robbi Harless 

Sara Harp 

Stacey Harreld 

Amy Harrison 

Kati Harrison 

Brittnay Hartmarui 

Megan Hawickhorst 

Ryan Hawkins 

Todd Hawks 

Christina Hayden 

Crystal Hayes 

Jennifer Hecht 

Carl Heck 

Angela Heii\zman 

Shaimon Heller 

Megan Hendrix 



Ashley Henson 
Allison Heying 
Rebecca Hickam 
Stephanie Hicks 
Arletrice Highsmith 
Erin Hillebrand 

Laura Hillstrom 
Meagan Hoffert 
Candice Hoos 
Marisa Homsberger 
Mandi Horvalh 
Jerilyn Houcek 

Jessica Hover 
Sarah Howard 
Adelle Howell 
Shantal Howell 
Jermifer Hubertz 
Kim Huck 

Tiffany Huffine 
Amv Hughes 
Russell Hughes 
Carrie Huisingh 
Sarah Hundagen 
Lori Hunteman 

Michelle Huser 
Matthew Hussmann 
Amy Hynes 
Ashlea Irmiger 
Erika Iiiniger 
Amie Jackson 

Ashley Jackson 
Karen Jacobs 
Sara Jaffe 
Shannon Jameson 
Jacqueline Jasek 
Angela Jennings 

Ryan Jesswein 
Erin Johnson 
lessica Johnson 
Liljana Johnson 
L\'ndsev Johnson 
\icole Johnson 



Leah Jolinston 
T5'ler Johnston 
Ciara Jones 
Jennifer Joseph 
Jacob Justice 
Kearby Kaiser 

Jen Kaminski 
Meghan Kane 

Lindsey Kannen 
Stacie Kapciak 
Jamie Keating 

Matthew Kelley 

Sarah Kellner 

Andy Kemp 

Jana Kemper 

Ayesha Kheiri 

Allyson Kiesel 

Brooke Kile 

Sadi Kimbrell 

Hannah Kinnett 

Stephaiue Kinser 

Ashley Kirkling 

Jessica Kirkpatrick 

Emily Klstler 

Alison Klett 

Rebecca Kline 

Jennifer Knapp 

Emily Koch 

Jessica Koopman 

Amanda Kopetsky 

Molly Kouns 

Kevin Koves 

Alison Kozlowski 

Wendy Kramer 

Nicole Kxawiec 

Joseph Krcmar 

Kristen Kronland 
Marc Krueger 
AUison Kuebler 
Jessica Kugle 
Ursula Kuhar 
Mary Laberge 

^im^^^ j| 


Kate Lakowski 
Julie Lally 
Todd Landwehr 
Eilise Lane 
Alexis Laska 
Kristin Laskowski 

Susanna Latham 
Michael Latran 
Kathryn Lawrence 
Amanda Lawson 
Amy Lear 
Liz Leatherberry 

Meghan Lenehan 
Gretchen Leppert 
Robyn Len 
)ojo Leung 
Jennifer Lewis 
Lisa Liegl 

Jessica Loesch 
[ennifer Loh 
Laurel Longardner 
AMson Losik 
Amv Lotz 
Emily Love 

Scott Luc 
Hannah Luedke 
Sara Lusk 
Krista Luzio 
Katie L\'ons 
Elizabeth Macholan 




Tetsushi Maeda 

Andrea Magno 

Patrick Maier 

Anthony Majewski 

Jenifer March 

Allison Martin 

Kelly Martin 

Lindsay Martin 

Jessica Matern 

Mandy Matthews 

Zach Matthews 

Kathlene Mauglimer 

Julie Mavis 

Kathryn May 

Margaret McAtee 

Aimee McBride 

Julie McCarm 

Amy McCarty 

Jane McConnell 

Rebecca McDonald 

Rebecca McGrath 

Heather McKervey 

Stephanie McKinney 

Stephanie Meehan 

NataUe Meinert 

Kelly Melloncamp 

Gretchen Menke 

Holly Mennel 

Kathleen Meyer 

Katie Michalec 

Katherine Miller 

Melissa MUler 

Nicci Miller 

Whitney Miller 

MeUssa Minnis 

Katherine Mirrielees 

Brittany Mitchell 
Kathryn Mitchell 
Rachel Mohlman 
Terra Monks 
Ashley Moore 
Kimberly Moore 


Sarah Moore 
Elizabeth Moppert 
Amanda Mt)ran 
Katie Morris 
timily Mossotti 
Kathleen Motzny 

Erin Mullin 
Shannon Murphy 
Shannon Murphy 
Amy Myers 
Jinny Myers 
Noelle Myers 

Kellie Nahrwold 
Daniel Nauth 
Cristen NavoHo 
Megan Neely 
Cada Neff 
Corinne Neff 

Erin Nelson 
Hayley Nelson 
Kate Nelson 
Jay Nethers 
Luke Newcomb 
Kelly Newman 

Tracy Ng 
Russell Nichols 
Margaret Niemczyk 
Amanda Niggli 
Brittney Norman 
Katherine Novak 

Jessica Now 
Elaine Oakley 
Madeline 0'Br\'an 
Meghan O Connell 
Bridgette O'Cormor 
Kerry O'Cormor 

Alicia Oehler 
Jill Gehrtman 
Joy O Keefe 
Beckie Oliver 
Carrie O'Maley 
Alison O Mallev 



Erin O Malley 

Danielle Ooten 

Sarah Owen 

Dana Parker 

Shandra Parker 

Seth Parrish 

Patrick Parsell 
Cynthia Payne 
Emily Pentzer 
Anna Perkins 
Miranda Peters 
Nicole Pfaii 

Caroline Pfister 

Samuel PhiUips 

Abby Pickens 

Alison Piecbocki 

Nikki Pietro 

Lindsey Fillers 

Carmen Pippenger 

Amy Popp 

Stephanie Popplewell 

Sara Porter 

Christopher Potts 

Thomas Powers 

Valerie Prieshoff 

Katie Procksmith 

Karine Provost 

Abigail Puff-Zakhi 

Kristen Pyszka 

Ed Qua Hiansen 

Lucia Quevedo 

Lisbeth Rafferty 

Kristin Ragle 

Sarah Rahall 

Yasmeen Rahimi 

Jennifer Raines 

Laci Randel 

Barb Range 

Abby Re 

Amanda Reber 

Christina Record 

Lara Reed 




Natalie Reed 
Katelin Reeves 
Libby Reising 
Megan Renner 
Peter Rexroth 
Joni Reynolds 

Meredith Rhudy 
Robyn Rider 
Lisa Rigney 
Erin Riley 
Shannon Risinger 
Kara Ritter 

Johnica Roach 
Lori Roark 
Kristin Roberts 
Melissa Rodgers 
Perla Rojas 
Rachel Roll 

Amber Rowe 
Stacy Rowe 
Gina Ruch 
Elena Sander 
Robin Sanderson 
Veronica Saucedo 

Rachel Sawfyers 
Kate Schaafsma 
Marcellus Schaefer 
Julie Schaffer 
Rebecca Scheer 
Robert Scheid 

Julia Schenk 
Adrienne Scherer 
Dana Schitter 
Diana Sclilamadinger 
Anne ScWuge 
Monika Schneider 

Crystal ScJmitker 
Laurie Schultz 
Eniily Schulz 
Marissa Schumacher 
RobxTi Schivab 
luUe Schwarz 



Saia Scliweikert 

Sarah Scotl 

Beth Sei 

Claire Semones 

Amber Semro 

Jennifer Sewall 

Kellie Sheehan 

Sara Sherman 

]ami Shimp 

Amanda Shoup 

Brendon Showers 

Emily Shrode 

Katherine ShuU 
Jennifer Siedsma 
Sonja Siefert 
Carolyn Sieger 
Abhie Simmons 
Rachel Skelton 

Ashley Skinner 
Amie Slevin 
Kyle Smelser 
Kristen Smit 
Alicia Smith 
Dawn Smith 

Jane Smith 

Kalyn Smith 

Karen Smith 

Nikki Smith 

Gregory Snapper 

Virginia Snyder 

Erica Sonmiiers 

Melissa Sonaty 

Erin Sorrill 

Sarah Spahn 

Sarah Spencer 

Arma Spink 

Ellen Sporleder 

Nathan Spurr 

Laura Stack 

Phillip Stahl 

Lisa Starek 

Molly Stearns 



Danielle Steele 
Jeffrey Steele 
David Stelsel 
Renee Sterrett 
Renee' Stewart 
Megan Stiltner 

Matthew Stockton 
Allison Stodola 
Pamela Stoffel 
Alison Stojak 
Sisha Stowell 
Helen Straight 

Meredith Strauss 
Emily Stucky 
Rebecca Studebaker 
Pamela Sullivan 
Erik Summers 
Molly Sundheimer 

Erin Sutton 
Jamie Sutton 
Sherry Sutton 
Kristin Swearingen 
Nikki Sweet 
Maria Swinger 

Kristina Tarrant 
Carolyn Taylor 
Hannah Taylor 
Maryellen Taylor 
Wasyl Terlecky 
Emily Thieroff 

Shaunte Tlnomen-Browr 
Jennifer Thompson 
Zachary Thompson 
Kristen Tischhauser 
Tracey Travis 
Lisa Uebbing 

Sara Under\A'ood 
Allison Vanderhvden 
Piper Van Santen 
Christina Vawter 
Brandt Voight 
Jennifer Voivodas 


Ur erclassmen 

Carly Walden 

Andrea Waldock 

Monica Wallenfang 

James Walton 

Elizabeth Wanic 

Erika Warren 

Luke Webber 

Suzanne Weber 

Alicia Weisenbach 

Susan West 

Amy Westerman 

Lindsay Whisenant 

Meagan White 

Barbara Whiteman 

Carolyn Wtdteman 

Michelle Whitney 

Ethanie Wiesenhofer 

Laura Wilde 

Carrie Wilfong 

Amanda Wille 

Megan Williams 

Rachael WUMams 

Lisa Wilson 

Sarah Wilson 

Kristin Winnett 

Nic Winters 

Adam Wischmeier 

Mary Wojnaroski 

Jen Womer 

Meghan Woodard 

Kim Worcester 
Ami Worland 
Amanda Wright 
Genevieve Wright 
Jessica Wright 
Jennifer Young 

Diane Zend 
Jennifer Zink 
Julie Zito 
Katherine Zogas 
Amy Zolman 
Sallie Zubek 






s ffoiij prtncr 0^ ?>\i-f\c-r fnii'c-r'iHii CcWoac, of ?^3nr\3cM 


With over 4, 1 00 locotions across the counlry, your options ore limitless. 
At CVS/phormacy, we core about you,, .and we respect the personol 
investments - the time, the coring, and the effort - you have made to 
pursue o meaningful career that touches so many lives. You'll find that 
our supportive culture and strong values create on environment where 
you con moke your education work for you. 

CVS/pharmacy encourages you to consider o career with the leoder. 
We seek compossionote graduates who have the ability to listen and 
counsel patients on Iheir healthcare needs. 

Our CVS Value Proposition For Pharmacists will provide you 
personol ond professional rewards that recognize your com 
your patients and to CVS. And our commitment to you further ii 
outstanding compensotion ond benefits pockoge. Visit vav 
For consideration, pleose send your resume 

/ith both 
itment to 
ludes on 
.CVS, com 

to: Joyce 

Collins, R.Ph., Pharmacy Human Resources Manager, CVS/pharmacy, 
2800 Enterprise Street, Indionopoiis, IN 46219. Ph: 
317.351-3024, Fax: 317-351-3074 or E-mail: 
An equol opportunity employer. 


Fhsrw^ic^ dnv-ot] Oitrc c^cn^cYcd. fhoolc. foovic<i. 

Al Wishard Memorial Hospital, our phamiacisls participate in 
decentralized clinical activities, therapeutic drug monitoring, 
evaluation of orders, recommendation of changes based on 
disease state; and ainbulator)' pharmacy settings. Because we 
are a teaching hospital afllliated with the l.U. School of 
Medicine, thc>' are partners in educating other health care 
providers through professional interaction. In turn, we support 
them with up-to-date data and continuing education. 

Come talk to us about our excellent benefit package, including 
three week paid vacation and 100% tuition reimhursementfor 
eligible positions. 

Please contact: Wishard Health Services, Attn: Christy Carter or 
Travia Davis-Williams, Recpjilnicnt Ofnce, 1001 West 10th 
Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202: Phoiis: (3!7) 630-6064; Fax: 
(317) 630-2419. Visit our ■.veb-i;.- 
Di\ ersity is a hallmark of our pa:;l, pi\.:;c>ni and future; an Equal 
Opportunity Employer. 

To deliver quality patient care. To meet the demands of your own busy life. 


As a pharmacy, we respect our patients' time by providing personalized care 
and unparalleled convenience. As an employer, our cutting-edge technology 
and PTCB certified techs buy you time with patients. Time to practice what 
you were trained for in a friendly, diverse work environment. 
And chances are, our wide variety of scheduling options— from FT to 
non-traditional PT and PRN— will most likely fit the work hours you need. 
And long-term, you can use time to make your money work harder and 
smarter by participating in our innovative stock option/stock purchase 
plan— giving you and your family a sounder financial future. 
Make your time go farther. 
Join the pharmacy built and run by pharmacists. 
Please forward your resume to; Walgreen Co., Personnel Recruitment 
Department, 200 Wilmot Rd., #2T 98, Deerfield, IL 6001 5-461 6. 
Fax: 1-888-556-741 7. E-mail: 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

i ii .Utf iii .'M ii .ffl i .u ii iii i H'.iJi ii iimyijj 

Pharmacy Class Of 2002! 

Longs Drugs has been offering employment in a stable, 
profitable, and growing company for over 60 years. 

We offer competitive salaries and benefits at more them 

400 locations in California, Washington, Colorado, 

Oregon, Nevada and Hawaii. 

For more information, 

please contact: 


Recridting Manager 

141 North Civic Drive, 

Walnut Creek, CA 94596 

dsasakihill@longs. com 

Live healthy. Live happy. Live Longs. 

Lonijs Drugs li an Eqjdl Ofiportiiiiity tmrilover 

A powerful past. 

An exciting present. And one 

dynamic future for you. 

Comerica may be a Fortune 500 company with S50 billion m assets and 150 years of banking 
leadership. But we didn't get to where we are today without great people. By working together, 
we've become one of the nation's largest and most respected financial institutions. Come add 
your strengths to ours. 

We offer a wide range of financial services tailored to corporate customers, entrepreneurs and 
professionals. Comerica Bank-California operates regional banking offices throughout 
California and in I'hoeni.x, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; and Kirkland, Washington. Comerica has 
additional offices in Adanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; Raleigh- 
Durham, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon; Austin and Dallas, Texas; and Reston, Virginia. We 
provide specialty financial services for industries such as: 

■ Technology and Life Sciences 
• Manufacturing tk distribution 

I Healthcare 

I Apparel & textile 

In addition, we offer: 
' Residential construction lending 
■ Merchant card transaction processing 
' Foreign exchange services 

■ investment planning 

■ Entertainment 

■ Title & escrow 

■ Equipment leasing 

' Treasury management services 

■ International ti-ade finance 

Comerica is a progressive, nationally recognized leader in the financial industry. Our dedication 
to an employee-focused work environment has contributed to our steady growth. If you are the 
superior professional that we are looking for, explore the following opportunities: 




Please forward resume to: Comerica Bank-California, Attn: John P. Kirsch, SVP, P.O. Box 92991, 
Los Angeles, CA 90009. Fax (310) 417-5437. Visit our Web site at 
Comerica Bank-California is a subsidiary of Comerica Incorporated (NYSE:CMA). 


Comerica Bank-California 

Comerica Bank-OiHIornio. Member FOIC. Equal Opportuniiy Lender EOE/AA. 

J il^i^Briilfiii,;; 

Searching for breakthroughs. 

SI • The explosion of knowledge in medical science increases the potential 

03rCninQ ^r n^w treatments and cures— yet it also broadens our quest creating 
new and complex pathways for scientists to investigate. 

We're committed to the search with everything we've got. 

Because we know you're waiting. 

Eli Lilly and Company 


.to go after graduation 

.to live work be five years from now? 

While we can't tell you the 
answers to these questions we 
can tell you about being an 
industry leader in energy and 
communications and the great 
benefits we give our employees. 
But that alone won't distinguish 
the road to Williams from other 
corporations. Wtiere we came 
from, where we're going and what 
we stand for places Williams 
above the rest. It's up to you to 
decide if you want to be a part of 
our adventure. 

We're known as a company thai 
offers employees opportunities to 
contribute, earn recognition, grow 
and succeed. We believe that's 
because we value the diversity and 

individuality of our employees and 
encourage their professional 
development and community 

We are actively looking for people 
with degrees in Engineering, IVIIS, 
Computer Science and Business. 

If you're interested in a 
challenging career with great 
rewards, make your Destination 


Find out more about Williams 


.take on any challenge together. 

We are Raytheon Company. Breaking new ground in everything from defense and 
commercial electronics, to business aviation and special mission aircraft for 

over 75 years. Taking on the technological challenges that will shape tomorrow. Seeking 
to make lives better, easier, and safer. 

We have evolved into one of the largest industrial corporations in the US and a world 
leader in electronic and defense systems. Here in our Fort Wayne location, you will find 
highly advanced systems, experience close-knit and creative working relationships, and 
have the opportunity to shine. 

We design and deliver military tactical radios, software programmable, digital 
communications systems, tartical battle management systems, electronic combat, and 
ne^A(orked command and control systems for the Armed Forces ol the United States and 
many nations, Raytheon is ptoud of the work we do to keep our nation strong and free, 
and proud to be a member of the Fort Wayne community since 1930. 

Raytheon offers a competitive salary and benefits package which includes health and life 
insurance. For information on employment opportunities, please send a resume and cover 
letter specifying the position for which you are applying to Raytheon Company, Human 
Resources, 1010 Production Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46808-4106. V\(e are an equal 
opportunity employer. 

At Raytheon, we will accomplish our goals. 

Will you 



Schlumberger is the ultimate environment for competitive people. You'll thrive 
on the challenges. Building and operating the most advanced technology in the 
world. Travelling to the ends of the earth to implement it. You won't follow 
paths, you'll forge new ones. We'll train you to master the technology of today, 
and challenge you to create the technology of tomorrow. Go ahead. Put it all on 
the line. Run with a winner. 

push your limits. 

run with a winner. 

Visit our website. 


Ai\ eqijol opponunity eenploya. 


A Great Little Worlds 

Within a 

Great Big 


We're what you might expect. ..and then a whole lot more. There are 
many advantages to working at one of the Household family of 
companies As a Fortune 200 leader in the financial services 
industry, our stability and growth equates to a solid company within 
which to build a career. But the unique individual at Household also 
shines through our size and our strength. After all, it's our 
people. ..their exchange of talent and ideas. ..and drive to achieve 
their personal and professional goals. ..that really make Household 
the great company that it is! 

Great Company. Great People. Great Careers & Rewards. 
That's the Household family of companies. 

Household International 

Beneficial Finance Corporation 

Household Auto Credit 

Household Credit Services 

Household Finance Corporation 

Household Insurance Group 

Household Retail Services, Inc. 

Household Technology & Services 

Find out about career opportunities today and apply online at: 

Among the Top 500 
Technology Innnvalofs 

in ilie Nation 
- InfonnadonWeek 500 

Household tecognizes that through the talents of o diverse workforce 
achieving global success is a reality. 

We Can See 
the Forest and 
the Tree. 

Boise Cascade 
Office Products 

3233 North Post Road 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226 
800 / 860-2852 
877 / 293-5850 Fax 

Wi^ would like to congratulate the 
JSutler Umuersitij class of 2002 
and wish them luck In the future. 

We are committed to 

providing opportunities 

to companies 

with vision and 

a will to succeed. 


Manufacturers of Interior Window Coverings 

Congratulations and Best of Luck 
to the Butler Graduates of 2002! 

11815 Technology Drive • Fishers, Indiana 46038 
(317)577-2670 • Fax (317) 577-2680 


1625 Southeastern Avenue • Indianapolis, IN 



FOLDING Tables & Chairs 

Graduation Ceremonies • Special Events 

TENTS & Stages 
China & Glassware 



(^<ui<yi<itc(£atio*i^ and Se^ TOiA^ 
U t^ ScUiefi ^A^uCuate^ o^ 2002 

8032 N. State Road 9 

Greenfield, IN 46140 




Building for Tomorrow... Today 

We're proud 

to be part of the 

Construction Team 

Butler University 

The Blakley Corporation 

8060 East 88th Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46256 

(317)842-9600 • Fax (317) 841-3651 




Proud to be part of 
\\\ the traditioQ of growth 
at Duller Dniverfiity. 

Siee/ 'ytti^^Miati ' OtMOmaital 'hat • THlutiiAMCouA '}iat ' tSutttt Stwiee 

(^9-<^ 3739 N. Illinois Street • RO. Box 88753 • Indianapolis, IN 46208-0753 Q4<fr) 
— " ^ (317) 925-2371 • (317) 925-2375 — ^^ ^ 







OFFICE (317) 632-9494 

FAX 631-5567 



Established 1969 
Commercial and Industrial Electrical Construction 

A Butler University 
Partner in Construction 

4007 Guion Lane 

Indianapolis, IN 46268 



Cttatings. Inc. 

1101 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 

Installers of the IHSAA, NCAA, RCA Championship Hardcourt 
and Butler University Championship Tennis Surface 


10505 N. College Ave.. Indianapolis, IN 46280 
(317) 846-6611 (800) 452-6408 
FAX: (317)843-0546 

Allan H. Weihe 


Civil Engineering ~ Land Surveys ~ Site Design 



Commercial Service 


3902 Hanna Circle, Suite C 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241 

In-state Only (800) 356-2394 




Locally Owned & Operated Since 1946 
"No Other Company Represents Us" 

9702 E. 30th Street 

Best Wishes Class of 2002! 


^ Uianpe 

Complete Printing Services 

4369 W 96th Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46268 

317/872-3198 • Fax 317/872-3215 

Indiana Financial Systems Inc. 

BRANDT / SHARP Authorized Sales/Service 

5131 E. 65th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220 

(317)257-6300 • (800)752-5868 • (317) 257-6329 FAX 


Butler University 
Class of 2002 

2425 East New York Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46201 


Fax (317) 684-1540 


means flowers 

Carmel, Clearwater, Broad Ripple and Willow Lake West 


Congratulations to the Graduates of 2002! 




Oakbrook Village is the hot spot in Indy for luxury apartment 

living! We offer great amenities like whirlpool, sauna, steam baths, 

exercise equipment, tennis courts, pool & more! 

Student discounts! 




CALL 293-5041 fg> 

62nd & GEORGETOWN fel^ 


205 East Palmer Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46225 

(317) 632-7226 


Butler University 

Graduates of 2002! 

Best of Luck in 
Your Future 



Hotel and IJIIy Confeirncc Cenler 

1801 W. 86th Street 

Indianapolis, IN 462/iO 

(317) $71-4111 • (800) 736-5634 

5 very special rates and group discounts to Butler University and 
; of Butler University! 15 minutes from campus. Please call our 
Sales Department for reservations and details. 
(317) 415-5225 • Fax (317) 415-5244 

' huloor Pool & Fitness Center 
' 176 Quest Rooms 
' Piccard's Restaurant 

• Sterling Lounge 

' Ballroom & Meeting Facilities 

• Ruth Lilly Conference Faciliti/ 


Congratulates The Graduates 


86th & Ditch Road 


62nd & Allisonville Road 


6i2 N. Delaware Street 


i46tb & N. Meridian Street 


Your Neighborhood Bar 
For Over 50 Years! 

52nd & College Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN 46205 


Emergency Department 
Winona Memorial Hospital 

Open 7 days a week • 7:00am-11 :00pm (Noappointmomnoeded) 
3232 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis • FREE PARKING